Has Taylor’s Career Peaked? – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 58

GiraffeDiane, Steve and I (Adam) take you through a great discussion this week where we explore the possibility that Taylor Swift’s career has hit a peak. Has it? Find out our opinions in Episode 58!

Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

In Episode 58:
-Adam forgets his co-hosts names.. Whoops!
-The hosts recap their ACM discussion from last week after finding some more information regarding the voting criteria for Entertainer of the Year (find the voting information here)
-Steve was in attendance at the Tim McGraw Special the night after the ACM’s and lets us know what we can expect when it airs on CBS on May 19th.
-Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran go to Disney World, upsetting some guests who had to wait in line while Taylor and Ed didn’t. Is that fair of them to get mad?
-Should US Magazine have featured “boyfriends” that Taylor has never actually dated in her Collector’s Edition?
-For our main discussion, our hosts discuss a BIG question on the minds of many Swifties – HAS TAYLOR SWIFT HIT HER PEAK?
-What could keep Taylor on top as opposed to other artists that have faded away?
-What can Taylor do in the future to maintain her large audience? Is there potential internationally to continue growing?
-Why do people think Taylor has hit her plateau and is on the way out?
-Does negative press regarding Taylor’s love life hurt or help Taylor’s career?
-Another round of Wheel of Taylor stumps Steve, but Diane actually gets TWO questions right (Steve’s and her own)!

Videos and Links
-Academy of Country Music Voting Criteria
-Buy the Collector’s Edition of US Magazine featuring Taylor Swift