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Taylor Talk Presents The ACM’s – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 57

highway-dont-careAfter an amazing night at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Adam, Diane and Steve recap the night discussing the performances, what the highlights of the night were, and of course the first ever live performance of “Highway Don’t Care” by Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

In Episode 57:
-The CEO of the Academy of Country Music gives Kevin McGuire a shout out
-Blake Shelton gives Luke Bryan a warning about Swifties. What was it?
-Should Swifties really be angry that Taylor Swift lost Entertainer of the Year?
-Was the voting for the ACM’s fixed?
-The first ever live performance of “Highway Don’t Care” brought one of our hosts to tears. Find out which!
-What Are Swifties Listening To? – “C’mon” by: Panic! At The Disco feat. Fun
-A trivia question in a new round of Wheel of Taylor has Diane and Steve stumped. See if you can answer it.


All The….. Guys?? – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 54 Now Available!

adam-taylorThis is a Taylor Talk episode like you’ve never heard before. In this super-long, super-fun new episode, we beef up the panel with loads of testosterone by giving our weekly female panelists the boot. Instead, I (Adam) am joined by three special guests: Agustin of, Eric of MuggleCast and Game of Owns Podcast fame, and Steve whose Taylor Swift YouTube videos have been spotted in countless news articles around the world. Ever wonder what it’s like in the mind of a male Swifty? Listen to Episode 54 to find out.

In Episode 54:

– How did this group of guys become Taylor fans?

– How can male listeners relate to songs written from a female perspective?

– What’s it like being a guy in a predominantly female fanbase?

– Are you ever uncomfortable being a guy in a crowd of teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert?

– Sponsorship from Diet Coke vs Covergirl: Why should a guy care who sponsors Taylor?

– Where’s all the male merch?!?!

– Do you ever think Taylor unfairly represents males in her songs?

– Finally, do guys like Taylor Swift for her music or because she’s “hot?”

– Our all-male panel discusses the highly controversial quote from Taylor Swift’s Vanity Fair article:
“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

– Find out why our male cast thinks this quote was taken out of context, who ACTUALLY said it and more.

– To keep in touch with our guys, follow them on Twitter: Agustin (@TheSwiftAgency), Eric (@Spielerman), and Steve (@SteveDitch)

Videos and Links:
-Taylor’s Controversial Vanity Fair article
-CMA Fest

Taylor performs “22” at Let’s Dance for Comic Relief

And The Grammy Goes To… – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 50 Now Available

Taylor SwiftIt’s Grammy night! A night of glitz, glamour, and…. controversy? The hosts duke it out in this week’s episode about Taylor’s speech during her “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Was it classy? Sassy? Listen in on our 50th episode to find out our opinions!

In Episode 50th:
– Taylor Talk has officially gone platinum! Hooray for reaching one MILLION views! Thanks guys :)
– Taylor is a confirmed performer at the BRIT Awards 2013 on Feb. 20th
– “22” is the next single for release on April 1st… an April Fool’s Day joke? Never!
– Taylor & the Civil Wars win a Grammy for “Safe & Sound”
– We have a return of the mini segments!
– Taylor celebrates “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in a HUGE circusy, Alice in Wonderland spectacle… could this be the RED tour performance of the song?
– “I still love you” (in a British accent)…. whaaat?
– We talk Grammy fashion (except Adam… he’s a guy)
– Belle and Maya go head to head in another round of Wheel of Taylor
– What Are Swiftie’s Listening To? “Holiday” by Massad
– The Special PLATINUM Celebration surprise is coming soon… we know what it is. Muahaha!

Videos Referenced in Episode 50

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Opening Grammy Performance

Taylor & The Civil Wars Accepting a Grammy

Taylor Swift’s Red Carpet Interview w/ Ryan Seacrest

What Are Swiftie’s Listening To? “Holiday” by Massad

The Lucky One – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 48 Now Available

the-lucky-oneJoin your hosts Adam, Belle, Maya, Diane, and Haley as they delve into the mysteries of “The Lucky One” and discuss Taylor’s fears about the dark side of fame. This week’s full panel also highlights Taylor’s European adventures, her Ked’s commercial, and her gorgeous Rapunzel photoshoot. Episode 48 is one you won’t want to miss!

In Episode 48:
-Is there a conspiracy behind the sparkly guitar?
-Which RED shows will the Taylor Talk hosts be attending?
-The latest Taylor Swift news and her upcoming calendar
-If Swifties Ruled The World/You Know You’re A Swifty When…

Main Discusion: “The Lucky One”
-Hidden message: Wouldn’t You Like To Know
-Who is it about?
-What is it about?
-How does it relate to Taylor’s real life?
-Why is this song especially relevant now?

-WWTD if she was trapped in a room with all her ex-boyfriends?
-What Are Swifties Listening To? “For The Better” by The Ready Set

Links and Videos

Stay Stay Stay – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 47 Now Available

Stay Stay StayJoin our panel in our discussion of Taylor Swift’s song “Stay Stay Stay.” It’s far more fun and light-hearted than last week’s “The Moment I Knew” discussion. Also, my friends and I (Adam) create a Wonderstruck-inspired cocktail, and you can see how in our YouTube video below! (We have directions for a non-alcoholic version, as well).

In Episode 47:
-Watch our YouTube video (below) to learn to make a Wonderstruck-inspired cocktail. It’s absolutely delicious!!! There is even a non-alcoholic version for the younger people.
-If Swifties Ruled The World/You Know You’re A Swifty When…
-Maya and Diane compete in a round of Wheel of Taylor, a fun trivia game we started.
-What are Swifties Listening to? – “Anywhere But Here” by Melissa Fuller – VOTE for her to win the opportunity to sing at the GRAMMYS

-“Stay Stay Stay” discussion
-This song is SO descriptive, we question whether or not it is actually fictional
-Is Taylor an anti-feminist because she likes the male character to carry her groceries?
-Why does the secret message make our hosts sad?
-Should Adam wear a football helmet to the RED Tour?

Videos and Links:

The Moment I Knew – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 46 Now Available

the-moment-i-knewIn the latest episode of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, our team dives into a discussion of Taylor’s newest song released on iTunes, “The Moment I Knew.” Don’t worry though, before we tear your hearts to pieces and make you (and Belle) cry, we’re gonna make you laugh your butts off with an impromptu trivia question, a random math lesson and more!!

In Episode 46:
-The rumors are true, and I (Adam) did in fact miss an episode of Taylor Talk to attend a Justin Bieber concert, and I do a brief comparison of his concert verses Taylor’s
-Don’t forget, while there is not a specific Taylor Talk app, there IS a Podcasts app where you can subscribe and listen to Taylor Talk
-Belle shares her story of attending the People’s Choice Awards and seeing Taylor there
-Is Meredith the most famous cat in the world??
-Based on a submission for “If Swifties Ruled The World..” we bust out in an impromptu trivia contest between Belle and Haley
-A submission also results in me (Adam) teaching my co-hosts a fun math lesson! Seriously.. It’s more fun than it sounds!

-In our main discussion, we take listeners through Taylor’s latest iTunes release, “The Moment I Knew”
-Does it have any connection to “22?”
-Why is Taylor so literal with this very sad song, but her happy songs are so metaphorical?
-Belle and I seriously want to punch the male character in the face!
-What makes this song so powerful?
-What is the difference between the male and female perspective on “The Moment I Knew?”
-Will “The Moment I Knew” be included on the RED Tour?
-Why is this the only song from the RED Deluxe Edition to be released as a single?

-WWTD if Taylor was locked in an elevator and the elevator music was “Gangnam Style” on repeat?
-What are Swifties Listening To? “I’m Alright” – @JerseyGreen13

Videos and Links:

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