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Taylor Talk founder, Adam Bromberg, quoted in USA Today

Today, received a very special honor… the site’s very own webmaster and Taylor Talk founder, Adam Bromberg, was featured in USA Today! In the article, entitled “Taylor Swift romances a Kennedy: How will this turn out?” Adam was asked to provide the fan perspective on Taylor’s alleged relationship with the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy:

“If she is happy with Conor, and that’s who she decides to date, we as fans are happy for her,” he says. “The age difference is something I hear least about within fan community discussions.

“To me, age is just a number, and it cannot dictate what makes Taylor happy. If she’s happy, then the age difference means nothing.”

You can read the rest of the article online here on USA Today’s website.

The article can also be found, of course, in physical copies of the newspaper, which are sold at your nearest grocery store or drugstore. If you open the newspaper to the purple “Life” section and flip to the second page, the article will be on the left side, right next to a huge picture of Taylor and Conor!

Again, congratulations to Adam Bromberg for getting his name in print alongside Taylor’s!

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift’s First Single Off Her Fourth Album, Red!!!!

On this Swift Day, August 13th, we got some BIG news from Taylor Swift about her fourth album on her live web chat. The live web chat was held in Nashville. At the event, Taylor was surrounded by thirty or so very devoted fans and took questions from the audience, Google + calls, and YouTube comments.

In the show, Taylor revealed the cover of her newest album as well as the title, “Red,” which was inspired by the color Taylor perceives as being related to the emotions of love, jealousy, and heartbreak. The album will consist of sixteen songs written by Taylor and various co writers. To me, the most exciting revelation was that a duet written and recorded by British artist, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor will appear on the album. I am postive that their voices will blend together beautifully and we can expect a very heartfelt song from the two of them!!

Despite Taylor’s preface to her new single, the song is actually not “romantic, sensitive, or touchy.” The song entitled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is an empowering pop song and is seriously sticking it to someone who hurt Taylor in the past. If you have not heard the song already, it is now available for purchase on iTunes!

If for any reason you missed the live show, you can watch it on YouTube.

The full album will be released October 22, 2012!!!

B.o.B. Reveals Approximate Release for Both of Us Music Video feat. Taylor Swift

Yesterday, June 14th, Taylor Swift and B.o.B. met in Nashville to work on filming a music video for their hit song, “Both of Us.” The music video, directed by Jake Nava (of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”), will be released at the end of June and will feature performance shots of Taylor and B.o.B. singing together as well as separately.

B.o.B. recently tweeted his excitement about the upcoming video:

You can view behind-the-scenes photos of Taylor and B.o.B. from the music video set on MTVs Web site.

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