B.o.B’s Both of Us Featuring Taylor Swift Now Available!!!!

The anticipation has past, and the wait is over. B.o.B’s new song “Both of Us” featuring Taylor Swift, as well as his new album Strange Clouds is now available for purchase from the iTunes store!!

WARNING: The song IS considered by iTunes to be “Explicit,” so if you’re too young or easily offended, this may not be the best song for you.

Go buy it now by visiting iTunes!! The song is available for $1.29 or the full album for $9.99.

Both of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) - Strange Clouds

With the very special event comes a VERY special occasion: A SPECIAL EDITION of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, in which our team gives our initial reactions to the song, as well as an in depth analysis of Taylor and B.o.B’s latest song!!

  • Brian

    I guess the explicit word in the song is the N word. What’s funny is you don’t even notice the word unless you listen really close. Too bad B.o.B. couldn’t use a different word. I guess some of Taylor’s fans won’t be able to buy the song because of the rating. Other than that one word it’s a good song. And it’s not like B.o.B. used the word in a bad way.

    • Adam

      I like it a lot!! We actually JUST recorded a special edition Taylor Talk, which Belle is editing now. I’ll have it up in an hour or so, and we discussed his use of that word and our thoughts on Taylor having a part in a song that uses it.

  • BTS

    BoB isn’t going to change who he is to please a young audience. I don’t see how anyone can be offended by this, hell most people don’t notice it unless you are listening real closely. That said, there is an edited unexplicit version on iTunes (along with all the other songs too) if you click on the arrow by the pricetag and click on other versions. Thing is, people buying that will only split the download count and it won’t count towards the one that’s on the charts right now.

  • anon

    I’m disappointed it changed from the leak in that they took out B.o.B’s harmony with Taylor on the middle and last chorus, it made the song more united and powerful. It’s still fantastic, but I thought that brought up the song to another level when they both sang together on the chorus. I bought this on iTunes because I want it to succeed but I still have the leaked version on my playlist.

  • anon

    Also I’ve been listening I don’t think it’s fair to group all of B.o.B’s fanbase into one just based off a few vocal people, each fan is different. I’ve seen fans say good thing about it too. And the reviews on iTunes seem to support them very well.

  • anon

    Nice podcast though listened to it.

    Random talk on BoB’s album but Nicki Minaj ruined the song she was on, god so bad. The Ryan Tedder track is really good (clean too folks lol), I love how B.o.B has such variety on his album and he plays a variety of instruments like Taylor. There are some songs that aren’t for me on the album, but it’s a great hip hop record. If you don’t like one song, you might like another.

  • Brian

    Both Of Us is now #5 on iTunes. Great to see. I hope it hits #1 by the end of the day today. It deserves to.

  • Brian

    I was reading that Both Of Us sold 143,000 copies. Strange Clouds only sold around 74,000 copies its first week. So Taylor’s song sold double what the album sold. I wonder if they made you buy the whole album to get Both Of Us if most people would have bought it? I would have. I see Both Of Us is going to be the third single from the album too. Great news for Taylor.

  • taylor swift

    what is so bad about this song? it says there is bad words?