“Bad Blood” Song Analysis — Episode 171 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Taylor Swift Bad BloodThere’s only mad love for Taylor Swift on this show. On Episode 171 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift, we discuss “Bad Blood.” This song is allegedly about pop star Katy Perry, Taylor’s former good friend. Rumor has it that Katy Perry tried to “sabotage an entire arena tour” (RED Tour) by hiring some dancers right from under her. The hosts agree that “Bad Blood” was Taylor’s way to confronting the situation, even though Taylor said herself that she hates confrontation. What do you all think of the song? Could it be about Katy Perry? Leave us your thoughts. Thanks for listening!

Highlights from Episode 171 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Bad Blood” Song Analysis
– Friendship heartbreak hurts worse than love heartbreak.
– Is “Bad Blood” really about Katy Perry?
– Gawker published a timeline of Taylor and Katy’s friendship based on tweets (& Mean Girls references).
– How does “Bad Blood” fit into the story of the album?
– What would “Bad Blood” look like on tour? Could it be a single?

Other Topics:

– Taylor Swift’s social media accounts may have been hacked, but they won’t find anything dirty, because it doesn’t exist!
– HAIM will be joining Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour for select shows!
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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry “Hot ‘n’ Cold”

  • D

    I completely agree with the Bad Blood friendship description! I’ve recently gone through a situation like this and let me tell you, it HURTS. A girl and I were very close friends for upwards of 5 years and she changed… I feel like it’s the memories I miss more than her, but it really, really hurts to look back on it. And I feel that after it all, it is extremely hard to trust people in the same way.

    • Adam

      Thanks so much for listening!! Trust me, I’ve gone through it too. You’re not alone, and it totally sucks, but without life’s downfalls, we can’t celebrate our successes and triumphs! :-)

  • Fella Swiftie

    Great discussion, what I learned. Adam is a bully.