Dress Up Taylor


Step 1: Click the “Dress Up Taylor” button to make the Aviary menu appear.

Step 2: Using the tools from the menu, create your own Taylor Swift!!! If you would like to select from some pre-made outfits, choose “Stickers,” or to freely draw on Taylor’s picture, use the “Drawing” tool. Get creative!!

Step 3: Once you’re done, hit “save” then click your final image to make the URL appear!

Step 4: SHOW OFF!!! Use the Twitter and Facebook links below to show your newly created Taylor Swift to all your friends and fellow Swifties!!! Just make sure to copy and paste that newly-created URL into your Twitter or Facebook post so your friends will be able to see YOUR unique Taylor Swift.

Step 5: Check out other Swifties’ Taylors and send us yours!

Staff Examples and Swifties’ Taylors!