EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with @FeministTSwift – Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast – Episode 68

bc6cd9f5d6d21a1cc986f1d76d3264f1The press is going crazy with this Swifty sensation… Time, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, and more are talking about the twitter account @FeministTSwift! The account takes Taylor Swift lyrics and adds a feminist take. In this episode of Taylor Talk, we interview the account owner, Clara, and she tells us that while she is definitely a feminist, she is also most certainly a Swifty! Enjoy the show!

In Episode 68:
– Notice: This episode’s main discussion deals with mature topics (feminist issues)
– RED Tour Merch is now available for pre-order for Canadian Swifties!
– Abercrombie Fiasco: “More Boyfriend’s Than T.S.”? Oh, no they didn’t… never underestimate the power of Swifties!
– Sami from @TSwiftonTour gives us a weekly Taylor Tour update!

– Clara from the explosively popular @FeministTSwift clears things up for us: she really is a Swifty!
– Taylor said, “I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls,” and Clara explains that that’s actually a feminist notion
– Taylor’s lyrics give Clara a lot to work with for her tweets
– Clara notes Taylor’s lyrics have matured throughout her musical development
– Do Taylor’s songs empower women or disempower them according to Clara?
– Adam is aghast that Clara still watches romantic comedies!
– Clara tackles stereotypical gender roles in Taylor Swift songs
– The tweets that support Taylor from a feminist standpoint get the most retweets… big surprise 😉
– Feminist or not, no one can deny that Taylor’s lyrics are powerful
– Taylor! Get out of the passenger seat! You have every reason to be driving the car!
– Clara’s goal is to make feminism accessible to a wider audience, all while being a Swifty :)

– Instead of “What Would Taylor Do?”… we have a “What Would MEREDITH Do?”