“Holy Ground” Song Analysis — Episode 188 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

taylor swift holy groundI was reminiscing just the other day… about doing a throwback song analysis that took me away! On Episode 188 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss “Holy Ground,” a song from the RED album that we believe completes the growth/story arc from “Forever & Always,” to “Last Kiss,” and ending with “Holy Ground” (which are all songs rumored to be about the same person). “Holy Ground” is such a mature way to look at a past relationship. We can learn a lot from Taylor Swift.
What’s your take on the song? Particularly, what do you make of the lyric, “and I see your face in every crowd”? Post your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy!

Highlights from Episode 188 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Holy Ground” Song Analysis
– Adam fanboys over Taylor’s use of the word “reminisce” in true English teacher fashion.
– What’s your interpretation of “New York Time”?
– Is the phrase “holy ground” a religious reference?
– Check out what Diane predicted about “Holy Ground” before the song was released: taylortalk.org/what-could-the-seven-known-red-songs-be-about-editorial (Do we like the blogs? Do we read the blogs?)
– Diane has a light bulb moment years in the making about the end of the song!
– No one can agree on what “And I see your face in every crowd” means. Thoughts?

Other Topics:

– A listener tries to Stump the Steve this episode (yea, Steve’s back!)
– Sami gives us a 1989 World Tour recap brought to you by @TSwiftOnTour
– We remind Adam how important it is to listen and not just talk…

– July 24 & 25: The 1989 World Tour – Foxborough, MA
– August 1: The 1989 World Tour – Vancouver, BC

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Videos Mentioned in Episode 188 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Taylor Swift – RED (Stories behind the Songs)

Little River Band – Reminiscing (1978)

Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance

Garth Brooks – The Dance

  • Chloe

    IDK about holy ground but the last kiss secret message is forever and always. so last kiss and forever and always are about the same person and holy ground might be about the same person too.

  • Maddison

    ”I see your face in every crowd” I thought of it as a ghost of the person or always thinking that shes seeing him because she misses him.

  • December Dreamer

    “I see your face in every crowd”
    First;y this song is RUMOURED to be about Joe Jonas (as mentioned in the episode!). So, maybe this line means that whenever Taylor went to any award show or something, which she often does, she saw him there too..as he too is a singer! Or, maybe they had mutual friends and they met or rather glanced at get togethers or parties! So, she just saw his face in every crowd!

  • Avy

    Well, I think the line has to do with the secret massage of the song: “when you came to the show in SD”. Joe Jonas was spotted on Taylor show in San Jose during the Speak Now tour (there used to be videos on youtube, maybe there still are). So she saw his face in the crowd of San Jose. The confusing part is that the secret massage says SD, so maybe that is when she got the idea for the song. According to Wikipedia Taylor performed in San Jose on 1-2.09.2011, and in San Diego on 20.10.2011, so it was like a month after she saw him in San Jose, and she started thinking about this relationship a lot. It is also connected to the what you guys said, that it has the connotation of haunting memories.

  • Doug Rosevear

    Holy Ground means that, as Taylor reminisces (which is what the
    whole song is) it’s a reflection about the relationship she had. She realizes
    that when she was with him it was so special and being in his presence or his
    arms, how She felt was like a sacred place, or in his arms she
    was in the sanctuary of his love, so she feels loved, Safe and protected. The
    only way to describe it is Holy Ground.

    When Taylor Talks (See what I did then) about Dancing she is talking about doing
    life., because life is a dance. So what she is saying is that She can do life with out him but she does not want
    to do life without him. She can dance on her own in her room but would rather
    him be there. But as he is not going to be there she will dance as if he is.

    And I see
    your face in every crowd” means.
    I think what this is, is the very beginning of Taylurking.
    Taylor is lurking the crowds wondering if she
    will see him. She was at the time so in love she would see his face in the
    crowd but was it him or not we will never know.

    Shout out to Dianne for doing
    the Show notes :-)