“Last Kiss” Song Analysis — Episode 131 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast


Highlights from Episode 131 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion – “Last Kiss” Song Analysis:
– Our panel looks into “Last Kiss” and reveals some dirty little secrets…
– Taylor didn’t include a 27 second intro for just any reason 😉
– Steve talks about the importance of a manly handshake.
– That awkward/awesome moment when Taylor Swift sang “Last Kiss” to Joe Jonas at a Speak Now show.
– We discuss the similarities between “Last Kiss” and “All Too Well.”
– It’s amazing how Taylor can fit a world of emotions into a single lyric.

Other Topics:
– The 2014 Billboard Music Awards air on May 18 on ABC at 8pm. Taylor is nominated for Top Social Artist and Top Country Artist.
– You know you’re a Swifty when it’s uncomfortable when people use the Satisfaction font when it’s not about Taylor.
– Swifties are listening to Sam Smith!

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Videos Referenced in Episode 131 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Taylor Swift – Last Kiss (Live)

Last Kiss – Taylor Swift @ San Jose, CA 9/1/2011

Memorable Moment: Taylor Swift on Joe Jonas

Much Better – Jonas Brothers

Sam Smith – Nirvana (Acoustic)

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Official Video)

  • Xavier Terence Masae

    Adam’s anonymous friend 😮
    But to be honest I actually don’t like how the song ‘Speak now’ was written, not the album but the song.
    The whole meaning behind the song and how Taylor portrayed it was very well done, but I just dislike how it was written.

  • Alyssa

    Me neither! The whole idea behind it is kinda silly and immature and something she’d normally be against. It’s cute I guess but I don’t know how well it would’ve done as a single and it just wasn’t strong enough as an album title song. It would’ve made a really funny music video though, so I wish it had one! As an album though, think it’s probably her best written so I have to disagree with Adam’s friend completely. It’s just more mature than the first two because she’s older and even more mature in some ways than Red because of the sillier, not as well-written songs on there dispute still having some immature moments like in songs like Speak now and Better than revenge. I don’t like Mean or Superman for that reason either but as a whole it’s really good and mostly sad slow ballads which are really mature and well-written. And she wrote them all herself so to say that it’s her weakest album writing-wise is like saying she’s not that good of a writer and writes better with co-writers which is the opposite of the truth in my opinion because I have more favorites that she wrote by herself. I love Last Kiss too because it’s so well-written and you can hear the sadness not only in her voice (you can actually hear her crying in the acapella) but in the music itself. It sounds like a slow heartbeat or something to me but it’s not really a favorite that I listen to all the time because the line about her watching him sleep and feeling him forget her like she used to feel him breathe makes me cry. I wish it had a music video though and I also picture it like the Back to December music video and I think the idea about it raining inside makes a lot of sense because she did say it rains when he’s gone in Forever and always. And by the way, I got the Lori Beth from All that reference right away because I’m almost as old as Adam is. haha :) -Alyssa

  • Alyssa

    And no, Joe wasn’t her first kiss. Her first boyfriend in high school was when she was 15. She even kissed guys in music videos before that like in Tim McGraw. :)

    • Ed Win

      Now Taylor Swift boyfriend is Harry stand

  • Ed Win

    Taylor Swift boyfriend is one direction Harry Stan