LONG LIVE TAYLOR SWIFT – Episode 179 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Taylor Swift Long LiveBring on all the pretenders, we’re not afraid. In Episode 179 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we’re joined by our good friend, Agustin from theswiftagency.com, to discuss “Long Live,” one of Taylor Swift’s most powerful anthems. This song is both a celebration for her team and her fans. Our throwback to the Speak Now era comes at a perfect time too, because although Taylor is now a self-proclaimed pop artist, country music organizations, like the ACMs, keep honoring her with awards! It just goes to show that Taylor Swift left a strong legacy behind her in country music and will undoubtedly do the same for pop music. What do you think of “Long Live”? Would you put it on a greatest hits album for Taylor Swift? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 179 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Long Live” Song Analysis
– Who did Taylor write “Long Live” for? The fans, her team, or both?
– It’s impossible to read the lyrics to this song without singing them (have fun listening to Adam try).
– Who is the “you” in the song? Grant? Amos? Scott Borchetta?
– At Taylor’s 2009 CMA Entertainer of the Year win, a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world.
– It’s okay if you need to excuse yourself and get a tissue while we talk about the bridge…

Other Topics:

– Happy birthday Kenny Chesney! You get Taylor Swift at your concert as a present :)
– Fortune names Taylor Swift as the greatest female leader in the world, but we already knew that.
Country music just won’t stop giving Taylor awards, will they?
– Taylor surprised us all by performing backup guitar for Madonna’s iHeartRadio performance!!

– As Agustin said, you can take the girl out of country, but you can’t take country out of the girl — the ACMS are honoring Taylor with a Milestone Award on April 19th.

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Kenny Chesney & Taylor Swift surprise Nashville

Madonna and Taylor Swift at 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards

CMA Taylor Swift Entertainer Of The Year 2009

  • Alyssa

    The thing about Ronnie Cremer is though, as obnoxious as he is being about this, I wouldn’t call him a pretender because I don’t think it’s fame or money that he wants, just the truth because although she doesn’t owe him her career or anything he hasn’t lied about anything as far as I can tell and she did… He taught her guitar for two years, taught her how to write songs, recorded her first demo for her, created her original website for her etc. and his brother and mother were instrumental early in her career as well by giving her voice lessons, getting her gigs, head shots, auditions and suggesting she go into country music in the first place and the only mention she has made of him is when she said a couple of times that some guy came over to fix her computer (which he didn’t do until much later) and taught her three chords on the guitar which inspired her to write her first song and his brother and mother don’t get mentioned at all. So although I don’t think he’s giving her enough credit (nor her other old guitar teacher who is even more bitter about it probably because he’s never been mentioned at all), I don’t think he’s really a bad guy. He’s just being honest about something she lied about, as much as we might not want to admit that as fans. It’s disappointing, but she’s human and even she lies sometimes and similarly sometimes people we don’t like tell the truth. :/