“Never Grow Up” Song Analysis — Episode 189 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Never Grow UpDear Swifties, Taylor Swift reminds you to please try to never grow up. This past week, Taylor met her godson, Leo Thames, the son of Jaime King and Kyle Newman, and posted some adorable photos with him on Instagram. In honor of his birth, we discuss “Never Grow Up.” Although the song was never heavily promoted, “Never Grow Up” still continues to be a fan favorite for its poignant and nostalgic lyrics. (I’m not crying. You are.)
What do you think of “Never Grow Up”? Is Taylor mourning the loss of her childhood? How does she think we should try to never grow up? Can we? Leave your response in the comments. Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 189 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Never Grow Up” Song Analysis
– Thanks to listener Rachel for suggesting that we discuss “Never Grow Up” in honor of Taylor’s newborn godson.
– Raise your hand if this song makes you miss your childhood…
– Taylor moved out in July… Leo Thames was born in July… Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
– Why does Taylor change from saying “you” to saying “I”? What’s the emotional impact of the pronoun shift?
– Want more “Never Grow Up”? Steve reminded us that we discussed it previously on Episode 107 for Taylor’s 24th birthday.

Other Topics:

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  • Brooke Murray

    I think “Never Grow Up” is about how children live life so freely. They live for themselves, and they don’t care what other people think. They live in the moment and don’t stress about the little things. You really do take the time to smell the roses. And you want to please yourself, no one else. But as you get older, as in in your teenage years, you’re so paranoid about what others will think of you. You get embarrassed and want to please others. And with wanting to please people, you get hurt. And when you’re older, you don’t really have time to live in the moment, remember and notice the little things in life. Just like the song says, take in everything and don’t take anything for granted because one day, it’s not going to be there. Maybe she changes the pronouns because she’s wishing that she knew that what she had would be gone, before everything actually changed? I don’t know. That’s how I look at it. This is definitely one of my favourite songs ever, along with “Change”.

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      Hey Brooke — I love your interpretation. I think that’s exactly it. The child is completely free from worry, then as an adult takes what he/she had as a child for granted. This is really one of Taylor’s most unique and well-written songs.


    I think that never grow up is about Austin and Taylor, I think that because Austin turned 18 while Taylor was on the fearless tour and maybe that sparked the inspiration for the song, the. Taylor moved into her apartment and finished the song I think the first verse is about Austin the secound is about both and the bridge is about Taylor.

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      Interesting theory! I never thought about Austin’s potential involvement in the story.

  • Maliha

    Hey, I know it’s late but I just listened to this episode and I have some thoughts. It’s gonna be long but I think it’s relevant :-) 
    The way you guys interpreted this song I’ve never seen it like this but u touched a little on my point at the end cuz u talk about why she changes the perspective from “u” to “I” at the end. I am a fifteen year old and I’ve always seen this song as like Taylor saying all these things to me and giving me advise. In the first verse it’s something like your mom would’ve told  you when you were a baby, then comes the teenager part. When I listen to that part or the bridge, I almost feel like Taylor is telling me what to do in situations when u think u have problems like u wanna move out but that’s not a problem at all cuz u will move out someday but u won’t get these moments that u have again(which happens in teenage a lot) or the situations maybe if u act in a certain way in those you will not appreciate them when u grow up and you will regret. So its like she’s teaching me how to cherish  every single moment that you have with your family cuz someday everything and the innocence of it  is gonna be gone  someday and she didn’t know it too but now she has realized it and tells me her situation at the end of the song.You cant realize it in your childhood until its gone like u guyz said  but you can realize it earlier in ur teenage.Maybe Taylor herself  wasnt proud of some things that she did in past as example maybe she behaved badly sometime with her mom or the fact that she was so excited about moving out without thinking about the end result but now that she has done it she is regretting some stuff  and she didnt want people to regret like her so she wrote it for us.. But its just that part and if you think of it as a whole then it is like she wants to be little and innocent and doesnt want to grow up and its the appreciation of her childhood but regret of teenage.May be you guyz are adults and that’s what makes our thought about it different…