SPECIAL EDITION – CMA Awards Coverage — Episode 96 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast!!

tumblr_mvvmqbO3sy1qzfjx9o1_500Listen up for full coverage of the 2013 CMA Awards! Your Taylor Talk hosts discuss what an incredible night it was for Taylor Swift; Not only did she take home four CMAs, but one of them was the highly coveted Pinnacle Award (*cough*pinneapple award*cough*)! We revel in what an amazing achievement this was for Taylor as well as analyze her special performance of “Red,” featuring Vince Gill & Alison Krauss. Let us know what you thought of the CMAs and enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 96 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
– Taylor won four awards tonight: Musical Event of the Year & Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care,” the International Artist Achievement Award, and the coveted Pinnacle Award.
– Check out episode 62 for our interview with Shane Drake, the video director for “Highway Don’t Care”
– What did y’all think of Taylor’s CMA performance of “Red”?
– Be sure to purchase the 2013 CMA Awards version of “Red” on iTunes now!
– Diane got very emotional when Taylor was presented with her Pinnacle Award! Raise your hand if you cried too.
– The Pinnacle Award proves how incredibly influential Taylor Swift is, not only in the country music scene, but in music itself.
– “And most of all the fans, who filled stadiums… thank you thank you I love you made me feel so special right now.” -From Taylor Swift’s Pinnacle Award acceptance speech
– Fun Fact: The only other artist to be honored with the Pinnacle Award was Garth Brooks in 2005.
– We challenge you to make a Taylor Swift meme holding the “pineapple award” before Steve does!!
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