“Style” Song Analysis — Episode 170 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Taylor Swift StyleYou know what never goes out of style? Taylor Talk! In Episode 170 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss Taylor Swift’s newest single, “Style”! In “Style,” Taylor relates classic clothing trends that never go out of style to relationships that always seem to keep coming back. We discuss how this metaphor functions in the song and how this song is sure to become an instant classic. What did you think of the song? How do you envision a music video for it? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 170 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Style” Song Analysis
– Taylor said 1989 wasn’t complete until she wrote “Style.”
– “The way the song sounds and feels, that’s all I need people to know about the story.” – TS
– If Steve didn’t find polaroid references in everything, he wouldn’t be Steve.
– Why do you think Taylor chose 1950s iconic images instead of images from the 1980s?
– So what does “good girl faith” mean to you?
– How do you see this song being performed on tour?

Other Topics:

– We start off the show with another round of stump the host. Don’t forget to send us your questions!
– You know you’re a Swifty when you use Taylor Swift lyrics to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. #RelationshipGoals
– Swifties are listening to “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

– Mark your calendars! The Grammys are coming up on Feb. 8th and the BRIT Awards are on Feb. 25th.

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  • Fella Swiftie

    Appreciate the show notes, Diane.

  • Fella Swiftie

    Taylor might perform the song on tour by using different costumes from different eras, hence never out of style. Just a thought.