The Number 13

“My lucky number always has been and always will be 13. It pops up in front of me in the most obvious and undeniable ways, but only when something good is about to happen.”


The 13’s In Taylor’s Life

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  • Taylor’s Birthday: December 13
  • “Whenever I’ve won an award, I’m in row 13 or row M, which is the 13th letter!”
  • We’ve all seen Taylor walk down the aisle with Toby Hemingway in the music video for “Mine,” and according to Taylor it was the number 13 that cast him.  In Hemingway’s film The Covenant, he wore a sweatshirt with the number 13 on it, so for Taylor, the decision was already made.
  • There are 13 songs on her album, Fearless.
  • She always markers on a 13 on the back of her hand.
  • In 2008, Taylor set a record with 6 songs debuting in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  The record setter?  “White Horse,” which debuted at #13.
  • After performing for BBC’s Children in Need night, Taylor made a monetary donation in the amount of $20,600, which converts to: £13,000.
  • The pop remix of “Teardrops On My Guitar” hit the 13th spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100.
  • The night Kanye West stole the mic from Taylor at the MTV Video Music Awards was September 13, 2009.  But that was a bad night, you say?? Well let’s look at what happened on that night of the 13th.  Taylor won the Best Female Video Award, was defended by every media outlet in the country, thus propelling her to a new level of populartiy, AND President Obama even came to her defense with his comment about Kanye being a jackass.
  • Taylor’s event in which held a 13-hour meet and greet was on June 13th.
  • Her 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th (2002).


References in Tweet Form

12/26/09 – “Seeing 13’s EVERYWHERE for the past few days.  And 31’s. Which is 13 backwards. Which totally still counts.”

1/31/10 – Ooh! There’s another Valentine’s Day movie billboard!  There’s 13 letters in valentines day.”

1/31/10 – On the way to Staple’s Center for Grammy rehearsals.  There are 13 letters in ‘Staples Center’.”


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Thir-teen : cardinal number equivalent to the sum of six and seven; one more than twelve, or seven less than 20.

The Roman Numeral for thirteen is written as such: xiii or XIII


Thirteenth: ordinal number

ORIGIN Old English thrēotīene (see three , -teen ). The spelling with initial thi- is recorded in late Middle English .

In Mathematics: Thirteen is the sixth prime number

Interesting Facts About The Number Thirteen

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  • Italy considers 13 to be a lucky number.  Woah! You’ve got an entire country on your side, Taylor.
  • Colgate University was founded by 13 men with 13 dollars, 13 prayers, and 13 articles.  As a result, they hold the number 13 very near and dear to their hearts.  Their campus address is 13 Oak Drive, and their male a cappella group is called The Colgate 13.
  • There are 13 cards in a suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs)
  • The United States was originally formed of 13 colonies, resulting in the original flag having 13 stars to represent each colony.
  • A baker’s dozen contains 13 of whichever baked good you purchase or consume.
  • Extreme superstition regarding the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia.
  • Apollo 13 turned out to be the U.S.’s only failed attempt at landing on the moon
  • Th13teen is a roller coaster at the Alton Towers theme park in England.
  • There are 13 players on a rugby team.

What? Thirteen is UNLUCKY?

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In some situations, it is believed the number thirteen can bring bad luck.  People who believe thirteen to be an unlucky number clearly haven’t seen the effect it’s had on Taylor!!

  1. Friday the 13th:
    1. This most common unlucky use of the number thirteen dates back to the 1800’s, when it was believed that Friday was an unlucky day, and 13 was an unlucky number, making Friday the 13th a VERY unlucky day.
  2. Thirteen Full Moons
    1. Some believe that the number thirteen may bring bad luck, because it proved very troublesome to the monks responsible for keeping the calendar during years that there were thirteen full moons.

Thirteen is LUCKY!!

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Yeah! Now we’re talking—References to thirteen as a lucky number!!  We all know the number 13 has brought plenty of fortune to our favorite singer, but who else has it brought some great luck to?

  1. Ozzie Guillen – This manager of the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox wouldn’t be seen during his baseball career without the number 13 across his jersey.
  2. When Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) started playing for the Yankees, guess which number he chose as his own?  Oh Yeah! THIRTEEN!!
  3. Dan Marino did a great job playing himself in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, but when it came down to becoming the quarterback who passed the second most yards in NFL history, he always wore the number 13.
  4. Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain, known for his unbroken record of scoring 100 points in a single basketball game always wore a purple 13 across his golden Los Angeles Lakers jersey.
  5. The number 13 has even brought the United States some gold medals in the Olympics!! The following are a list of athletes who wore the number 13 proudly while representing the U.S.A. in the largest athletic competition in the world:
    1. Chris Mullin – Men’s Basketball (1984 and 1992)
    2. Shaquille O’Neal – Men’s Basketball (1996)
    3. Tim Duncan – Men’s Basketball (2004)
  6. Yao Ming, currently the tallest player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) stands at 7’6”.  I bet it took a HUGE 13 to cover his chest when he represented his home country, China, in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  7. Yet another basketball player, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns walks out proudly on the court wearing his number 13 jersey.

References in Pop Culture

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Lucky 13 – A romantic comedy from 2005 starring Brad Hunt, Harland Williams, and Lauren Graham.

ThirteenA drama surrounding the life of a 13-year-old girl, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed.

13A musical written by Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish about the conflicts a 13-year-old boy faces in celebrating his Bar Mitzvah when he moves from New York to Indiana.  The show premiered in L.A., but moved to Broadway in 2008.

“Thirteen” – A song released in 1972 by the American rock band Big Star.

Room A113 at the California Institute of the Arts was home to many of Pixar’s staff, when they were still character animation students.  As a result, the number has appeared in almost all of Pixar’s films in some form or another.  For a full list of which films A113 appeared in and how, visit Pixar’s Wiki page.

References In Religion

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In Hinduism, on the thirteenth day after someone’s death, a feast is organized in order to bring peace to the departed soul.  Also, in Hindu astrology, it is believed you will bring a baby girl success if you name her the thirteenth day after her birth.


In 1917, it was believed that the apparition of the Virgin of Fatima would appear on the thirteenth of six consecutive months.


According to the Jewish faith, a boy becomes a man upon turning thirteen and becomes a Bar Mitzvah.  At this point he becomes responsible for his life and his actions, and take their own responsibility for Jewish laws and traditions.

Thirteen In Different Languages

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Dertien – Dutch

Treize – French

Dreizehn – German

δέκα τρία – Greek

Tredici – Italian

Treze – Portuguese

Trece – Spanish

Dertien – Afrikaans

Trembëdhjetë – Albanian

On üç – Azerbaijani

Hamahiru – Basque

Трынаццаць – Belarusian

Тринадесет – Bulgarian

Tretze – Catalan

Trinaest – Croatian

Třináct – Czech

Tretten – Danish

Kolmteist – Estonian

Trese – Filipino

Kolmetoista – Finnish

Trece – Galician

ცამეტი – Georgian

Trèz – Haitian Creole

שלוש עשרה – Hebrew

Tizenhárom – Hungarian

Þrettán – Icelandic

Tigabelas – Indonesian

Déag – Irish

Trīspadsmit – Latvian

Trylika – Lithuanian

Тринаесет – Macedonian

Tigabelas – Malay

Tlettax – Maltese

Tretten – Norwegian

سیزده – Persian

trzynaście – Polish

treisprezece – Romanian

тринадцать – Russian

тринаест – Serbian

trinásť – Slovak

trinajst – Slovenian

kumi na tatu – Swahili

tretton – Swedish

สิบสาม – Thai

On üç – Turkish

Тринадцять – Ukranian

تیرہ – Urdu

mười ba – Vietnamese

tri ar ddeg – Welsh

דרייַצן – Yiddush