TaylorSwift13.org Officially Launches!!

After months of work, TaylorSwift13.org officially launches the world’s largest and most extensive Taylor Swift fan site.

We will work hard to provide the Taylor Swift fan community with a fun gathering place to get all the latest Taylor news and share their own Taylor photos, videos, stories and more!

Key features on the site include:

Dress Up Taylor — My favorite feature on the site, this game allows you make Taylor your own.  Get creative with the drawing tools and create your own pirate version of Taylor.  Or maybe you prefer to make her into a superhero.  Not feeling creative today??  No worries!! We’ve got pre-made outfits that you can stick on Taylor and still make her your own!!

Charity — Personally, our staff LOVES charity.  It’s such a good feeling knowing you can help someone who really, truly needs it.  Visit our charity page to see some organizations that Taylor has helped out in a big way, and see how you can do your part to help them, as well!!

Contests — Check this page regularly for chances to win cool Taylor prizes.  Be on the look out for our 13 Hidden 13’s Contest, a Taylor look-alike competition, and many more.  Prizes will vary, but may include anything from merchandise from Taylor’s online store to Speak Now World Tour Tickets!!

Taylor’s Peeps — Ever wonder who Taylor surrounds herself with??  Visit this page for mini-bios on some of her friends, family, and band members.

The Number 13 — There has always been a certain mystique surrounding this fascinating number.  Learn when and how the mysterious number has been involved in Taylor’s life, and how it has found it’s way into all aspects of people’s lives.

Speak Now World Tour 2011 — Visit our Speak Now World Tour 2011 page for tips on how to get tickets to Taylor’s sold-out concerts, her tour schedule, and seating maps for the various venues she’ll be performing at.

The Magazine Rack — Last, but not least, The Magazine Rack is where you’ll find publications that have featured Taylor on the cover.