The following are charities that Taylor Swift supports or has supported in the past.  Each organization addresses extremely worthwhile causes and are worth taking a look at to see how you can support their efforts.  Please note, is in no way affiliated with these organizations, but seeing how our favorite singer supports them, so do we!!

While Taylor does support the efforts put forth by these organizations, they are not the only worthwhile causes to support.  If you have a charity or organization you are absolutely passionate about, and would like it to be featured, email and tell us why it’s awesome!!


Delete Online Predators

Online predators are an increasing problem, as more and more children rely on the internet for education, entertainment and more.  Delete Online Predators is a project started by the Tennessee Police, and endorsed by Taylor Swift to combat that growing issue.  On their Web site, they feature the following:

  • News Articles about sexual predators who have been caught
  • Resources for parents to help them understand the dangers the internet presents to their children, and how they can be proactive in protecting their children
  • Resources for schools to help educate students on being safe online
  • Various additional resources, such as “How To Report A Predator” and more

To learn more about this organization, please visit their Web site, and all you younger Swifties, don’t forget to take Taylor’s advice and take the NetSmartz Safety Pledge.

Victory Junction

Created to honor Adam Petty, grandson of legendary Richard Petty, who passed away in 2000 in a NASCAR accident, Victory Junction provides life-changing experiences to children with chronic medical conditions or other serious illnesses.

They are always looking for volunteers/staff members, so if this is a cause you feel passionate about, please consider reviewing their Web site and seeing what opportunities are available for you to help.

How has Taylor Helped?

Taylor has helped this organization by donating a pink Chevy pick up truck given to her by her record label, Big Machine Records,

Otherwise, please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross is probably the most widely recognized organization on this list.  It was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, and to this day remains the nation’s premier emergency response organization.  In addition to emergency response, The American Red Cross offers the following services:

  • Community services that help the needy
  • Support and comfort for military members and their families
  • Collection, processing and distribution of life-saving blood products
  • Educational programs that promote health and safety
  • International relief and development programs

The American Red Cross is a great organization to become a part of.  Please head to their Web site, and see how you can help make a difference alongside Taylor.

How has Taylor Helped?

In 2008, Taylor donated the proceeds from her merchandise sales at the 2008 Country Music Festival to support the Nashville Area Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and National American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. She also donated $100,000 to the Red Cross in Cedar Rapids to help victims in the Iowa Flood in 2008.



Have you experienced the prom or school dance of your dreams?? The kind with a fairy tale ending??  Many of us have, but the reality is that there are countless girls looking for that same special moment, but can’t afford the one item every girl dreams of; the perfect dress. makes those dreams come true by accepting donations of dresses you no longer wear, and donating them to young ladies who can’t afford their own “perfect dress.” is endorsed by Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga films.  Dress donations have been kindly given by various other celebrities including our favorite, Taylor Swift, as well as Taylor’s good friend, Selena Gomez.  Specifically, Taylor donated

If you have a nice dress you no longer wear, consider donating it!  Visit to find the dress drop off location nearest to you.  Drop off locations may also be receiving locations, so if you are in need of a dress, check it out.  Taylor donated her prom dress, which helped raise $1200!!

Wish Upon A Hero

“Everyone has a wish.  Anyone can be a hero.”

Wish Upon A Hero is a unique organization that gives anyone the opportunity to be a wisher or a wish granter.  Founder, Dave Girgenti conceptualized this effort after he noticed that 9/11 resulted in thousands of pictures being posted around the city of loved ones that were missing.  After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it occurred to him that people needed more than just to find missing loved ones.  They needed food, shelter, etc.  As a result, he formed Wish Upon A Hero, designed to create an online platform where individuals could directly help other individuals in need.

Please take the time to head over to the site, and browse through some wishes to see if there are any people you are able to grant wishes for.

For those going through a rough patch right now, as so many are, do not hesitate to post a wish.  According to Girgenti, no wish is too large or too small.  Over 69,000 wishes have been granted to date, the next one could be yours.

How has Taylor Helped?

Taylor donated her Betsey Johnson heels with her autograph on the sole to help raise money for Wish Upon A Hero’s campaign to help women with cancer.

Got Milk

Got Milk is another extremely popular campaign, designed to help people consumer healthier beverages, aka. Milk.  On their  Web site (which is REALLY cool), the people of Got Milk explain the health benefits of a diet which includes milk, recipes, and all kinds of fun stuff.

How has Taylor Helped?

Be sure to check out Taylor Swift’s involvement with the Got Milk Campaign!!  They’ve got some fun pictures of her wearing an awesome milk mustache!!

Scholastic’s Read Now

 Read Now was an event hosted by Nick Cannon and featuring Taylor Swift, in order to promote literacy among children.  It took place on October 27, 2010.  If you want to check out the video of it visit this page.  To learn about Scholastic’s Global Literacy Campaign, which put on the event, visit here.