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They just don’t make pop stars like Taylor Swift. In Episode 195 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we cover GQ Magazine’s “interrogation” of Taylor Swift. GQ’s journalist, Chuck Klosterman, holds nothing back when he asks Taylor the hardball questions about her songwriting, her fame, her public persona, and the most hitting, “Is thinking about [her] real life an essential part of appreciating [her] music?” Can Taylor Swift’s music be enjoyed if you know nothing about her? Can her songs stand alone without the megastar that is Taylor Swift behind them? The hosts give their perspective in the episode, but we want to hear yours. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy the show!

Highlights from Episode 195 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: GQ Cover Article/Interview
– Taylor reveals her vision for the “Wildest Dreams” music video. Does this change your perception of the song?
– The music video idea was inspired by Ava Gardner’s Secret Conversations.
– “If you don’t take Swift seriously, you don’t take contemporary music seriously.”
– GQ claims Taylor’s 1989 could rival Michael Jackson’s Thriller if it had been released in the 1980s.
– Would Taylor’s music be popular if it wasn’t Taylor Swift behind it? What a blunt question.
– Taylor Swift is 25. But she is older than you. (but this is obviously true if you are under 25).

Other Topics:
– Taylor has been nominated for SIX AMA Awards! Vote now at ama.votenow.tv
– The 1989 World Tour continues to surprise with Ellie Goulding, Miranda Lambert, and Tove Lo as special guests.
– Join us for our fourth anniversary LIVE episode on YouTube.com/TaylorTalk13 on November 7th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST! (Find it in your time zone)

– October 27: The 1989 World Tour – Miami, FL
– October 31: The 1989 World Tour – Tampa, FL

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    Taylor’s music can with out a doubt be relatable with out knowing anything about her!! think about it this way most of us became fans of hers because we found her relatable I any way. Sure maybe she was’ent as big as she is now but she also could have been obviously not everyone going to find her relatable but I think you do not have to know anything about her. Also for the other qustion You of course do not need to think about her real life to understand her music!!! and sorry for my horrible spelling

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      I think you are absolutely right! The key to the success of her music is how relatable it is and it would be relatable whether you knew about her personal life or not!

  • NewRomantics1989

    You definitely don’t have to know about Taylor Swifts personal life to appreciate her music because each song has a story in it that you can listen to and think about and understand in your own way. The lyrics are so powerful in most songs and like Adam (or maybe it was Steve…) said, your if you took the music out, then it would be poetry.

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      It was Steve that said it this episode, but it was based on me saying it in the past 🙂

      But I totally agree. I think her stories are so universally applicable to other peoples’ lives that they would be just as powerful even if you were not familiar with Taylor’s personal life.

  • Rachel

    I say no, I knew nothing about her when I started listening and at the time, I was in now way interested in country music. It was her lyrics that stood out to me and that is what I related to. It was much later that I started to listen to her regularly and enjoying her music as a whole.

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      I agree!! Her lyrics are so universally applicable that a listener doesn’t need to know about her to apply them to his or her own life

  • Maliha

    Yes, I definetly think that you don’t have to know about her personal life to appreciate her music enough cause I think her music is quite universal and almost everyone can relate to them. Like whenever I listen to her songs I never interprete it the way she does, I always take it the way I can apply it to my own life and it may be totally different than hers. But I think the other side of it is that knowing about her personal life is what makes us bios towards her cause I think we feel more personal aBout it and like Diane said we think of her as a friend.As example we all have one or two least Favourite song of hers maybe that’s cause we can’t relate to it but even if we can’t relate if we have enough background information about it sometimes we start to appreciate it more and that happens to Adam in the old song analisys episodes. Think about Blank Space, if you listen to it not knowing anything about her or how or why she wrote it, you would never get the joke. As a result you will take it seriously and think bad about her and you can never understand it.(but maybe still u can appreciate the music, I don’t know :-p). But I still agree with u guyz…..

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      “Blank Space” is definitely an interesting example. I think that if you don’t know anything about her, you won’t understand the humor behind the song, but perhaps those that know nothing about her take away a different meaning. I’m not sure what that meaning would be since I already know the perspective from which the story is told, so I have trouble imagining it any other way.

  • Lauren Jackson

    No, I don`t have to know about her personal life. But it helps us get to know were she is coming from

  • Romeo

    Taylor swift makes epic music and in no way relies on her mega star image to make number one hit singles. Throughout Taylor swifts whole career she has been brushing on every style of music and powerfully puts people in an emotionally super charged front seat for a thrill ride – up down and again and again her fans are treated to the inner depths of every little emotional quiver of her heart and mind. She is exceptionally emotionally and musically intelligent and some could argue even on a genius level because again and again she is original fresh and epically so – that girl never quits and never gives up and for all these reasons she should also be raised up as a role model for children and for the very inspirational story of that little young girl and she had just a guitar and now is a mega super star with epic sensitivity – a rolemodel for young and old.

  • Romeo

    Lastly – yes if 1989 was released in the 80’s it could rival Michael Jacksons work. As stated before all her work is so fresh, original and emotionally charged. It is too bad that Michael has passed because they could have had a epic concert of witty original and emotionally charged music. It would have been wonderful to see. And for Taylor to sing with Michael on tracks of his that emotionally mention poverty world hunger and breaking the mold of stereotypes would have been so epically seen in her face if performed and would have been good for Taylor’s fans to listen to and experience.