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  • Relation: Mom
  • Mini Bio: Andrea Swift is part of Taylor’s management team.  She and Taylor are so close, they’ve even got twin-sized bunks on Taylor’s tour bus.




  • Relation: Dad
  • Mini Bio: A stockbroker, by trade, Taylor credits her dad, Scott, as being “the king of one-liners.”  You can often see him at her concerts handing out guitar picks and other fun giveaways to Swifties in the crowd.




    • Relation: Brother
    • Mini Bio: Austin is not just Taylor’s brother, but Taylor considers him a very good friend.





Important Peeps

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      • President/CEO of Big Machine Records
      • Mini Bio:  Scott Borchetta is a former DreamWorks Records executive who founded Big Machine Records in 2005.  He is the man who discovered Taylor and signed her to Big Machine Records.  We Swifties owe him A LOT!!




      • Taylor’s friend since 9th grade
      • Abigail is Taylor’s best friend (don’t we all wish we could be her?).  She met Taylor in 9th grade, and is currently a student at the University of Kansas.  If her name sounds familiar to you, you probably heard it in Taylor’s song “Fifteen” from the album Fearless, in which she is a featured character.
      • Twitter: @abiander



      • Co-Writer (Taylor Swift and Fearless)
      • Liz is a brilliant song writer who co-wrote some of Taylor’s most popular songs, including Grammy-winning “White Horse,” “Teardrops On My Guitar,” and “You Belong With Me.”  She is credited as a co-writer of four songs on Fearless (2008), and seven songs on Taylor Swift (2006).  Rose was born in Dallas, TX, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee as an adult where she began her career as a songwriter.  She is the mother of country singer, Caitlin Rose.



      • Fiddle Player/Friend
      • When not performing with Taylor, the two friends love to bake together!!
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @CaitlinBird




      • Back-up singer/Friend
      • When Liz isn’t on stage with Taylor, she says the two of them have fun watching romantic comedies at Taylor’s condo.
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @ElizabethHuett



      • Guitar
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @GrantMickelson



      • Guitar, Keyboard
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @PaulSidoti
      • Facebook Fan Page: Paul Sidoti



      • Dancer
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @ClaireCallaway2



      • Bass
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @AmosJHeller



      • Guitar, Banjo
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @SmallTownMike





      • Percussion
      • ON TOUR WITH TAYLOR NOW (Speak Now World Tour 2011)
      • Twitter: @DSadownick














Song Characters

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      • Title character in “Dear John”
      • It is widely believed that John is based on John Mayer, and the song is about the relationship between he and Taylor.  References to Taylor’s age at the time of the “fling” (19) provide a bit of validity to the theory that this song is about John Mayer


      • Character in “Fifteen”
      • Abigail is based on Abigail Anderson, Taylor’s best friend she met in 9th grade.  Her appearance in the song “Fifteen” from the album Fearless (2008), is likely a result of the song revolving around experiences a freshman in high school would encounter, and being based on Taylor’s freshman year, those experiences include Abigail.


      • Title character – “Hey Stephen”


      • Character – “Love Story”
      • Romeo, a character appearing in “Love Story,” a track off the album Fearless (2008) is taken from the title character of Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo & Juliet, shown by the similarities in theme between the two stories of the song and the play.


      • Character – “Love Story”
      • Juliet, a character appearing in “Love Story,” a track off of the album Fearless (2008) is taken from the title character of Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo & Juliet, shown by the similarities in theme between the two stories of the song and the play.


      • Title Character – “Tim McGraw”
      • Tim McGraw is the title character of “Tim McGraw” on the album Taylor Swift (2006).  While the character is, in fact, supposed to be the country singer, himself, Tim McGraw is not the subject in the narrative of the song.  Rather, Taylor’s use of Tim McGraw is in reference to an unnamed song of his that is supposed to be a reminder of a relationship she once had.


      • Character – “Teardrops On My Guitar”


      • Character – “Stay Beautiful”


      • Title Character – “Oh My My My (Mary’s Song)”

Teams Behind The Albums

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Taylor Swift

      • Nick Buda – Drums
      • Gary Brunette – Electric Guitar
      • Jason Campbell – Production Coordinator
      • Nathan Chapman – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Engineer, Harmony, Mandolin, Producer
      • Eric Darken – Percussion
      • Shannon Forrest – Drums
      • Robert Hajacos- Fiddle
      • Tony Harrell – Keyboard
      • Jeffrey Hyde – Banjo
      • Andy Leftwich – Fiddle, Mandolin
      • Liana Manis – Backup Vocals
      • Tim Barks – Bass
      • Lex Price – Mandolin
      • Wanda Vick – Fiddle
      • John Willis – Banjo, Mandolin, Hi String Acoustic Guitar


      • Elizabeth (Liz) Huett – Backup Vocals – @ElizabethHuett
      • Nick Buddhabhatti – Drums
      • Colbie Caillat – Backup Vocals
      • Nathan Chapman – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Hammond B-3 Organ, Accordion, Steel Guitar, Percussion, Backup Vocals
      • Eric Darken – Percussion, Vibraphone
      • Jessie Farinholt – Backup Vocals
      • Artie Garr – Mandolin, Piano, Backup Vocals
      • Kenny Greenberg – Electric Guitar
      • Caitlin Evanson – Fiddle – @CaitlinBird
      • Tony Harrell – Keyboard, Hammond B-3 Organ, Accordion
      • Amos Heller – Bass
      • Claire Indie – Cello
      • John Keefe – Drums
      • Tim Lauer – Keyboards, Hammond B-3 Organ, Accordion
      • Tim Marks – Bass
      • Grant Mickelson – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Steel Guitar – @GrantMickelson
      • Bryan Sutton – Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
      • Ilya Toshinsky – Banjo
      • Al Wilson – Percussion
      • Paul Sidoti – Lead Guitar, Keyboard – @PaulSidoti
      • Nathan Chapman – Producer

Speak Now

      • Nick Buda – Drums
      • Nathan Chapman – Banjo, Bass, Engineer, Fender Rhodes, Guitar (12-string electric), Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Hand Clapping, Mandolin, Organ, Piano, Producer, Programming, Synthesizer, Vocal Harmony
      • Smith Curry – Lap Steel Guitar
      • Eric Darken – Percussion
      • Caitlin Evanson – Vocal Harmony – @CaitlinBird
      • Shannon Forrest – Drums
      • John Gardner – Drums
      • Rob Hajacos – Fiddle
      • Amos Heller – Bass
      • Elizabeth (Liz) Huett – Vocal Harmony – @ElizabethHuett
      • Tim Marks – Bass
      • Mike Meadows – Electric Guitar, Hand Clapping
      • Grant Mickelson – Electric Guitar – @GrantMickelson
      • Paul Sidoti – Electric Guitar  – @PaulSidoti
      • Tommy Sims – Bass
      • Bryan Sutton – Acoustic Guitar
      • Al Wilson – Hand Clapping, Percussion