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So you wanna contact us?? AWESOME!! Because we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’ve got a great idea for a discussion topic on the show, or want to give feedback on anything we’ve previously discussed, we’d love to hear it!! Your email may even get read aloud on the show!!

What else could I contribute?

  • We are looking for ideas for future WWTD’s (What would Taylor do?). Our WWTD segment is a fun comic relief during our shows in which we analyze how Taylor would handle various scenarios were she ever to encounter them. If you can come up with a funny scenario, let us know!!
  • “If Swifties Ruled The World…” ¬†Another fun and comical segment to the show, all you have to do is complete the statement “If Swifties ruled the world…” and we will read the best ones aloud on the show!! (Ex. If Swifties ruled the world, things wouldn’t shine, they would sparkle!)
  • What Are Swifties Listening To? – Taylor is our favorite artist, but she’s not the only one. We want to know what other artists you may be listening to right now and share it with the Swifty Community
  • “Tell Me Why” – This is your chance to ask anything about Taylor Swift or The Swifty Community and we’ll have an open discussion on it. Submit questions through our Ask.Fm account or any other form of communication

EMAIL: Podcast@TaylorTalk.org

TWITTER: @TaylorTalk13

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ASK.FM: Ask.Fm/TaylorTalk13