Taylor Talk Releases An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Rick Barker in Episode 20!!!

Adam, Belle, and Haley get the opportunity to interview Rick Barker, Taylor Swift’s former manager, who provides fantastic stories giving listeners great insight into Taylor’s early career. Be sure to download both PARTS 1 and 2 free from the iTunes store now!!

  • -Who is our exclusive interview with?!?! RICK BARKER!! (Taylor’s former manager)
  • -Quotes from the interview:

“Taylor Swift worked her tail off to get where she is today!!”

“Taylor Swift is BRILLIANT!! Taylor Swift changed the world!”

  • -Vote for Taylor in the Teen Choice Awards
  • -Both of Us video debuts – get our hosts’ reactions
  • -Taylor introduces Wonderstruck Enchanted as a continuation of Wonderstruck
  • -FUN FACT: Our guest interview runs on the treadmill listening to Taylor Talk!!

  • brianc6234

    Another great podcast. To answer Rick’s question about would I buy Taylor’s unreleased songs, yes. I don’t collect them now. I don’t want to give anyone else Taylor’s money. If she releases them though I will buy them. Maybe she can at least put I’d Lie on the special version of her next album. That song seems to be the one most Swifties really want.

    • Adam

      Sorry for taking so long to respond, Brian. I passed on what you said to Rick. I think he was not only referring to unreleased songs, but just anything the artist does, like sitting in their living room playing around on a guitar singing songs, or like Taylor’s “Lego House” video which was HUGELY successful. I think that alone proved Rick’s point.

  • Hannah Lund

    i just came upon this interview and it made my day! great interview especially since i want to become a tour manager so it really helped me out! thanks!