Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast — Full Episode Guide

  • lily


  • lily

    i love taylor talk so much xx please see this @taylorswiftpodcast:disqus

    • twism34821

      Thanks so much for listening, Lily!!!


  • Guest

    Hi Lily!!! Thank you so much for listening!!!!


  • Lucas

    Hi, I recently begin to really like taylortalk! I’m hope to listen to some of the earlier episodes (episode54 for example :)) How do I find those episodes??! I can only find the most recent 50…

  • swifty#1

    Thanks for giving my Monday purpose

  • Beth

    I recently began listening and I was wondering where I could find the earlier episodes (Say 81 and under)? @twism34821:disqus

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      Hey Beth! Sorry this took forever. I didn’t even realize people were leaving comments on this page. Shame on me! :-(

      To listen to the VERY early episode, you would just visit their respective Web pages individually. For example TaylorTalk.org/Episode80

  • Cally

    Hey! Just listened to episode 186 and had to post on here just so Adam wouldn’t get bummed nobody has used the discussion board in a long time. Ha ha! :) You guys rock!

    • Taylor Talk Adam

      Thanks Cally!! Shame on me for not checking this discussion thread until now! haha