“Wildest Dreams” Music Video — Episode 191 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

wildest dreamsSay you’ll remember me, even if it’s just pretend… Ladies and gentlemen, the music video you have been waiting for has arrived. The music video for “Wildest Dreams” is out now and it is absolute perfection!!! (You can hear the fangirl in my voice!) In Episode 191, your hosts Adam, Diane, and Steve break down the “Wildest Dream” music video thematically and discuss how the visual elements (Old Hollywood, Africa) relate to the story of the song. Since there was so much detail in this video, we’re sure we may have missed some moments, so let us know what your favorite parts were in the comments below. Happy listening!

Highlights from Episode 191 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: “Wildest Dreams” Music Video
– I think we can agree that this was the perfect video for the perfect song!!!
– The video took the lyric “even if it’s just pretend” and ran with it… Cue shattering heartbreak.
– How did Old Hollywood and shots of Africa contribute to the theme of the song?
– Steve notes Taylor’s strong resemblance to Ava Gardner.
– All of Taylor’s proceeds from the music video will be donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.
– Listen to our song analysis of “Wildest Dreams” on Episode 177 & Episode 178.

Other Topics:

– There were so many guests at Taylor’s five sold-out LA shows that it was hard to keep track. (Oops! We forgot America’s sweetheart, Ellen DeGeneres.)
– Nicki Minaj opened the MTV VMAs with Taylor Swift as her surprise guest! Looks like there’s no bad blood between them.
– And Video of the Year goes to…. Taylor Swift for “Bad Blood”!!!

– September 4: The 1989 World Tour – Salt Lake City, UT
– September 5 & 6: The 1989 World Tour – Denver, CO
– September 9: The 1989 World Tour – Houston, TX
– September 11 & 12: The 1989 World Tour – St. Paul, MN

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Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

  • Dillon Keith

    The video does use the radio version of the song with two exceptions. The radio edit has a shorter intro and a suspenseful drum beat right after the bridge and before the final chorus, each of which are not present in the video. The rest of it is the radio version though, which pretty much just has extra drums to give it a more upbeat and intense feel and sound. I think the radio version also has extra instruments such as pads to make it feel fuller. Because the differences between the two versions are kind of subtle, I think there’s a possibility that later pressings of the album might replace the original version with the radio version, but that’s just my opinion. Only time will tell.

    I personally don’t like the lion scenes because of how fake those scenes look, whereas the rest of video looks realistic. It stood out for me and seemed out of place because of that.

  • Beth

    Where did the mini segments go? I love that part of the episode!

  • Dillon Keith

    The radio version can be listened to on Republic Records’ website, http://www.republicplaybook.com/track/taylor-swift-wildest-dreams/

  • Dillon Keith

    Did you guys see the articles that are claiming the Wildest Dreams video to be racist? Here is one from Billboard, http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6685110/taylor-swifts-wildest-dreams-video-accused-of-channeling-white-colonialism

    It’s so ridiculous. People are just trying to so hard to criticize Taylor and also find any way possible to accuse people of being racist regardless of who they are. I keep reading “the video is shot in Africa yet not a black person in sight”; I’m not being offensive in any way, but why would there be. Africa is the largest continent; I don’t care how many millions of people would have lived in Africa back in the video’s timeframe, but the population would not have been so large that every part of the continent would inevitably have inhabitants. The movie crew within the context of the video were in the wild, why would there be indigenous people around; exactly there wouldn’t have been. And of course there weren’t any black crew members because whites and blacks weren’t very integrated back then, so in order to stay true it would be unlikely for the film crew to be racially diverse.

    Here’s a quote from Nico Lang from The Daily Dot, an online newspaper: “Just because you represent the past or pay respect to it doesn’t mean you need to recreate its worst aspects”. I love that quote because I guarantee that if Taylor had made the colonial concept of the video racially diverse, then instead of the video being accused of racism, it would be criticized for incorrectly depicting that time period.

  • laken craig


  • laken craig

    i think one direction made that song drag me down for zayn : ,,(

    • https://www.pinterest.com/howugetthegirl/ Skye Erin Hazel

      this is totally irrelevant.

  • laken craig

    #taylor swift rocks

  • laken craig

    dear taylor swift who is you favorite singer your[ fan forever]
    [laken craig]

    • https://www.pinterest.com/howugetthegirl/ Skye Erin Hazel

      dude, this isn’t taylor

  • laken craig

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